These bandanas take root in the center of the Earth and grow among tropical flora. The openwork shapes of the paisley let various flowers bloom as if by magic. Mother Nature and Bandana merge to create this sublime pattern and show us the paradise that is the Caribbean archipelago


  • Color

    The Bandanas of the Color range present uniform patches of color in the background of the paisley. This range highlights local objects, flora and fauna. In short, things typical of our region. We make a pictorial comparison like an expression of our beautiful Creole language.

  • Flags

    The Bandanas of the Flags range present flags in the background of the paisley. This range mainly highlights the Caribbean region and the islands that make it up. It is important to know the islands that surround us. So to know at home is to know your people and it is to know yourself.

  • Art

    Bandanas from the Art range address freer and more personal themes. It presents in the background of the paisley images and imaginary compositions. Aiming is more aesthetic.

Tribute: Yves GAOULÉ [ CHABEN ]

To the one who is at the origin of the artist that I am today. The one who gave me a taste for art and creation. The one who gave me the meaningful name GAOULÉ . The one who always believed in me and always supported me. The one that is why my art is about Culture. My mentor, my friend, my father. An lot soley! thank you for everything